What is Taekwondo Poomsae?

In Taekwondo forms are called Poomsae and the practice and development of Poomsae skills is the soul of Taekwondo practice. Poomsae’s are patterns or series of basic attack and defense movements from which Taekwondo was developed.

The World Taekwondo Federation has 8 colored belt forms and 9 black belt forms. The colored belt forms are all numbered one to eight and are called Taegeuk which represents the most profound Oriental philosophy from which views on the world, cosmos, and life are derived.

Poomsae Technique

The Poomsae is made up of Taekwondo techniques of blocking, striking and kicking. Without the understanding and development of basic skills, Poomsae cannot be performed properly.

Blocking motions should start and stop where they will be effective. Striking techniques should begin at the hip and use the appropriate follow-through. Balance, control and proper foot positions should be used with kicking skills.

Timing and power in Poomsae training

Timing deals with the rhythm of the Poomsae. One should perform the Poomsae so that each motion is completed fully and then move on to the next without hesitation. This does not imply doing the actions in a rapid fashion but rather performing each motion properly.

The display of power is based on using tension and relaxation in body movements. In the preparatory stage, relaxation is used. This helps to give speed to the technique. Once the technique has been delivered, tension is applied. Learning when and how to use these two elements is one of the most important lessons of Poomsae practice.